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1207 Siege of Attalia  (Antalya) ★ ★ ★ ★
Outcome: The Seljuks took the city from the Nicaean Byzantines 1207
War  &  Enemy: Enemy:
Seljuk Turks (Rum)
Seljuk Wars
Battle Type:
City Capture
The Battlefield Attalia Location:
Modern Antalya on the Mediterranean coast of southwestern Turkey
Modern Country:
  The Byzantines(emperor:  Theodore I Laskaris) The Enemies
Commander: Unknown Sultan Kaykhusraw I
Forces: Unknown Unknown
Background story: Attalia (Antalya) was a major city in the Byzantine Empire. It was the capital of the Byzantine Theme of Carabisiani (???? K???????????), which occupied the southern coasts of Anatolia and the Aegean Islands. At the time of the accession of John II Komnenos (1118) it was an isolated outpost surrounded by Turkish beyliks, accessible only by sea. It remained however Greek until the beginning of the 13th century. After the capture of Constantinople by the Latins in 1204, it was part of the Byzantine Empire of Nicaea.
The Battle:
The Seljuk Turks taking advantage of the weakness of the Byzantines after the fall of Constantinople, besieged the city and captured it in 1207.
The capture of the port gave the Turks a major path into the Mediterranean although it would be another 100 years before the Turks made any serious attempts into the sea.
Aftermath: The city remained Turkish after that. Later it became the capital of the Turkish beylik of Teke (1321–1423) until its conquest by the Ottomans.