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589 Battle of Araxes ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Outcome: A minor Byzantine victory which triggered a revolt against the Persian king 589
War  &  Enemy: Enemy:
Sassanid Persians
Byzantine-Persian Wars
Battle Type:
Pitched Battle
The Battlefield Araxes Location:
Modern Aras River, on the Iran-Turkey borders
Modern Country:
  The Byzantines(emperor:  Maurice (Mauricius)) The Enemies
Commander: General Romanus General Bahram Chobin
Forces: Unknown Unknown
Background story:
The Battle:
Persian General Bahram Chobin beat the Turks on behalf of the Sassanid King Hormizd IV at Hyrcanian Rock, and a year later turned against the Romans in Lazica. At the Araxes (modern Aras) River, on the northern border of modern Iran, he suffered a defeat at the hands of Byzantine General Romanus.
The Persian king Hormizd IV, already jealous of the rising fame of Bahram, took the opportunity to humiliate him and sent to him women's garments to wear. Bahram responded by writing him an offensive letter and later moved to Persia with a large army to depose the haughty monarch and place himself on the throne.
Aftermath: It was rather a minor defeat but it caused a serious Persian Civil War and the death of king Hormizd IV.