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443 Battle of Chersonesus ★ ★ ★ ★
Outcome: Victory of the Huns who were paid to leave 443
War  &  Enemy: Enemy:
Hun Invasions
Battle Type:
Pitched Battle
The Battlefield Chersonesus Location:
In eastern Thrace, also known as Gallipoli or Gelibolu in modern Turkey
Modern Country:
  The Byzantines(emperor:  Theodosius II) The Enemies
Commander: Aspar the Alan Attila & Bleda
Forces: Unknown Unknown
Background story: Attila renewed his invasion of the Eastern Empire destroying Sirmium in 441, capturing Naissus (Nis), Serdica (Sofia) and Arcadiopolis, then advancing on Constantinople where he defeated the imperial army under the command of Aspar the Alan.
The Battle:
After his success outside Constantinople, Attila pursued the Roman army to Chersonesus, at the Gallipoli Peninsula on the European side of the Dardanelles. Aspar suffered a decisive defeat. Theodosius admitted the defeat and sent the court official Anatolius to negotiate peace terms, which were harsher than the previous treaty: the Emperor agreed to hand over 6,000 Roman pounds of gold; the yearly tribute was tripled, rising to 2,100 Roman pounds.
Aftermath: The Huns returned to their lands with a vast train full of plunder. A little later Bleda died and Attila remained sole king of the Huns.