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1187 Defense of Costantinople ★ ★ ★ ★
Outcome: Defeat and Death of the rebel general Alexios Vranas 1187
War  &  Enemy: Enemy:
(Civil War)
Military Revolts
Battle Type:
Pitched Battle
The Battlefield Constantinople Location:
Modern Country:
  The Byzantines(emperor:  Isaac II Angelos) The Enemies
Commander: Conrad of Montferrat General Alexios Branas
Background story:
The Battle:
Two years after defeating the Normans of Sicily at Mosynopolis and Dimitritsi, the Byzantine General Alexios Branas, while in campaign against Vlach-Bulgarian rebels, rose in revolt against Emperor Isaac II Angelos and marched against the Byzantine capital.
Outside the walls of Constantinople, Branas was met by an army under the Emperor’s new brother-in-law, Conrad of Montferrat. Branas wounded Conrad, who nevertheless unhorsed him, his lance striking the cheekpiece of his helmet. Branas was then beheaded by Conrad's supporting footsoldiers. The head was taken to the imperial palace, where it was treated like a football, and was then sent to Branas' wife Anna.