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503 Battle at Sifrion ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Outcome: A defeat of the Byzantine army by the Persians August 503
War  &  Enemy: Enemy:
Sassanid Persians
Anastasian War [502-506]
Battle Type:
Surprise Attack
The Battlefield Sifrion Location:
At the village of Sifrion close to a fortress named Apadana(?) or Ashparin(?). The exact location is not known but it was in the area of Amida (Diyarbakir)
Modern Country:
  The Byzantines(emperor:  Anastasius I) The Enemies
Commander: Patricius & Hypatius Shah Kavadh I
Forces: Unknown Unknown
Background story: Emperor Anastasius, determined to recover Mesopotamia from Shah Kawad, dispatched a considerable army from Thrace under Patricius, Areobindus, and his own nephew Hypatius. Patricius and Hypatius laid siege to Amida, while Areobindus encamped near Dara to stop a new invasion but, when the enemy, reinforced by Arabs and Ephthalites, prepared to attack, Areobindus fled and abandoned his camp.
The Battle:
Patricius and Hypatius on hearing of Areobindus' flight raised the siege of Amida and marched to meet the Persians. On their way, they met a force of 800 Ephtalites and killed them all. After this, the army stopped to eat by a river near the village Sifrion.
The Persians under Kawad himself found them there while eating and unarmed. The Byzantines were routed and only a few escaped and fled to Samosata.
Kawad’s attempts to take after this Constantina, Edessa, and Carrhae by assault were unsuccessful.