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369 Battle of Noviodunum  (Isaccea) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Outcome: A first Roman victory against the Goths (who were not a serious threat yet) summer 369
War  &  Enemy: Enemy:
Goths (Thervingi)
Gothic Wars
Battle Type:
Defensive repulsion
The Battlefield Noviodunum Location:
Modern Isaccea, Romania, on the Lower Dunabe
Modern Country:
  The Byzantines(emperor:  Valens) The Enemies
Commander: Emperor Valens Athanaric
Forces: Unknown Unknown
Background story: The Gothic people in the northern region had supported the usurper Procopius in his revolt against Valens, and Valens had learned the Goths were planning an uprising of their own. These Goths, more specifically the Thervingi, were at the time under the leadership of Athanaric and had apparently remained peaceful since their defeat under Constantine in 332.
In the spring of 367, Valens crossed the Danube at Daphne and marched on Athanaric's Goths who fled into the Carpathian Mountains. The following spring, a Danube flood prevented Valens from crossing; instead the Emperor occupied his troops with the construction of fortification.
The Battle:
Valens' army crossed the river at Noviodunum (Isaccea) in Moesia Inferior using a boat bridge and met the Gothic army in Bessarabia. Although Valens obtained a victory, the Romans retreated (possibly because of the lateness of the season)] and the Goths asked for a peace treaty, which was signed in the middle of the Danube (September 369), the Goths taking an oath to never set foot on Roman soil. Noviodunum became part of the Byzantine empire.
Aftermath: Peace with the Goths was short-lived and Valens was killed ten years later at Adrianople.